Reachers For You and For Me

Every household has items that are hard to reach.

Items may be on a top shelf or you may have flexibility issues because of an accident.

Reachers, or grabbers as they are also known, come in a variety of lengths, with 26" and 32" the most popular. Also, there are foldable and non-foldable options, depending upon whether it is something you plan to keep with you as you go out and about or will have a designated space in your home.. Many people have several different ones, one for the house and another for the boat or shop.

There are a few features that differentiate reachers. Here is a breakdown:

Center Pull or Claw:

Center Pull:
Two rubber ends close together with equal pressure. Best used for picking up household objects such as glass or metal. Excellent for outdoor or kitchen use. Other options here include tips that rotate 360 degrees so you can reach items at awkward angles.

The most common type. The most versatile for general use to grab and pick up items. Many offer magnetic tips to pick up items like nails or pins. Excellent for use on a boat or in a workroom where small items may fall beyond your reach or into a small crevice. 



This convenient feature lets you tuck your reacher into a bag or next to you in a wheelchair so it can be available wherever you are.


As noted above, reachers are available in a variety of sizes, from 22" to 36" in general. The most popular sizes are 26" and 32". Things to consider include the distance you will need to reach:

  • Above you into cabinets
  • From a chair to the floor
  • From a standing position to the floor

Other Potential Features:

  • Hand Deploy or Finger Deploy - Depending upon the strength of your grip, you may want a reacher that is activated by pulling with a finger, or squeezing with your grip.
  • Switch to lock the grip in place
  • Hook at the end of the reacher to help pull items closer, or pull clothes on

Generally holding up to 4 or 5 lbs, reachers are a great tool for anyone with limited reach or dexterity. 

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