4 Sources of Free Walker Bag Patterns

As much fun as it is to shop for products online, sometimes it is very gratifying to be able to make something the exact way you want to.

Below are a few sites I have come across that provide free patterns and a video that shows how to make a walker tote bag.


Free Patterns:

Free Wheelchair & Walker Bag Patterns - 20 designs from SewingSupport.com: http://sewingsupport.com/sewing-how-to/free-patterns-and-projects/bags/wheelchair-walker-bags.html

Sew a Walker Bag to Carry Needed Items by Debbie Cosgrove, About.com Guide: http://sewing.about.com/od/healthbeautyitems/ss/walkerbag.htm

A Walker Bag with a Professional Touch, sponsored by PaulaJuliaDesigns: http://www.pauljuliadesigns.com/freepatternsandmore/2011/07/10/a-walker-bag-with-a-professional-touch/


YouTube Instructional Video:

Sewing a Walker Tote Bag, by Jimmie Lanleyhttp://youtu.be/zqfmuXQ_moc


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