About Us

It all began as a quick bit of help for a friend.

Having spent most of my career in the library industry, I figured it was a simple matter to look for products to help his mother Age-In-Place. "Easy-Peasey" I figured, and hopped onto the web to find what I could.

What I found were the products he needed and more--there were products scattered on the web that were innovative, attractive, practical, and did not have a bland, industrial feel.

Why stick with the grey insurance-covered walker if you can spend $15 more and have it in a color to match the dress you're wearing to a wedding. Heck - match it with a stylish designer walker bag! Why buy a plain plastic shower seat if there are teak ones that work as well and fit your décor?

I firmly believe that aging shouldn't be a big deal, especially as I myself am hitting the half-century mark. Hopefully we'll all get to do it--so why not age with style and not make a big deal out of those products that can help?

Around that time, I also stumbled across a study "Caregiving in the U.S. 2009" issued by the National Alliance for Caregiving, in collaboration with AARP . Among the findings are these startling figures: The average caregiver is a 50-year-old female taking care of a 77-year-old woman, usually her mother. Three out of four caregivers work full-time while providing an average of 20 hours (!) of assistance per week. These caregivers may also have a family at home to take care of as well.

It gave me a knot in the pit of my stomach thinking about how challenging a juggling job this was, especially because it was usually thrust upon the caregiver after an incident...

Thus was born Vital Home Store.

The aim is to be that one-stop shop for home medical products, home décor with a medical bent, household aids, safety products, lifestyle innovations, and rehab/fitness products. I envisioned something between Ikea, The Container Store and Bed Bath and Beyond, in which a shopper could browse products that can help them live well the life they love, whatever their condition, be it getting a little older, recovering from shoulder surgery, a sprained ankle, arthritis, a broken leg the day before a beach vacation, or general muscle pain from the last Iron Man triathlon.

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Cassandra L. Wilson

Founder and Owner, Vital Home Store Online