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Mask Holder Clip / Napkin Clip

Mask Holder Clip / Napkin Clip

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The Mask Holder Clip / Napkin Clip clips onto any mask to keep it accessible and in easy reach. There are two oversized clips that hold any mask, towel, or napkin in place.

 Available in adjustable and non-adjustable styles.

The Adjustable Clip features a 22 inch nylon lanyard that can be adjusted by using the locking slide. When using, the locking slide clip goes behind the neck to adjust the length of the cord. Comes in Black/White with plain clips and Blue with a Cross imprinted on the front of the clips.

The Non-Adjustable Napkin Clips are 18" long and come in Pink/White Woven and Pearl-style beads on a stretch filament cord, both with plain clips.


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