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Aqua Hot/Cold Relief Therapy

Aqua Hot/Cold Relief Therapy

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Delivers therapy and comfort to achy feet and other body parts due to diabetic neuropathy, poor circulation, arthritic pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain and all other pain conditions.

    • Clinical therapeutic pain management and circulation improvement
    • Can be used for hot or cold therapy.
    • All-in-one system applies heat or cold 360° around joint.
    • Ideally intended to improve circulation and reduce diabetes discomforts.
    • Benefits of hot therapy include improved circulation and cell function, decreased tendon and ligament stiffness, and less pain.
    • Benefits of cold therapy include reduced swelling and pain, relief from muscle and joint discomfort, and better healing.
    • Wraps sold separately - Unit only does Not include a wrap
    • Setting from 38° F to 107° 
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