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Futuro Comfort Lift Elbow Suppot

Futuro Comfort Lift Elbow Suppot

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Discreet all-day relief for stiff, weak or injured elbows and arthritis. The Futuro Comfort Lift Elbow Support provides therapeutic heat retention and light compression that doesn’t restrict movement, so you can enjoy all of your favorite activities while maintaining a full range of movement in your arms. The sleek design follows the natural contour of your arm with dual-stretch power knit material that conforms any elbow shape perfectly, and is thin enough to be worn under clothing. The breathable, lightweight materials provide comfort and a secure fit, so you can keep your elbows pain-free all day long. The Futuro Comfort Lift Elbow Support fits both the Right and Left elbow and is available in four sizes; Small (9”-10”), Medium (10”-11”), and Large (11” -12”). To determine your size, measure the circumference around your elbow.


  • Available in sizes Small (9”-10”), Medium (10”-11”), and Large (11” -12”). Measure elbow circumference to determine size.
  • Mild support designed for all day wear.
  • Conforms to the natural contour of the elbow.
  • Fits either Right or Left elbow.
  • Beige
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