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Patient Communication Kit

Patient Communication Kit

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The Patient Communication Kit has several easy-to-use picture-based speech aids to help adults and children who have had a stroke, traumatic brain injury, or a procedure or disability that effects their speech advocate for their own care and personal needs in the hospital and at home.

From calling for help, spelling out words, indicating their pain and emotional needs and communication choices, this kit will help people who are non-verbal communicate either temporarily or during rehabilitation. Use the speech supports in this kit to communicate basic care needs to nurses, doctors, caregivers and family. 

The kit includes these 4 essential communication aids:

  • Visually Speaking: A Visual Guide for Non-Verbal Patients -  A handy booklet with 10 pages of illustrated messages that cover frequent needs while hospitalized. English or Spanish.
  • Health Care Communication Board - Two sided communication board with hospital and healthcare-related pictures so patients can manage their in-patient needs, visitors, medications, pain levels and more. Laminated for durability. English or Spanish.
  • Spelling Board - An enlarged alphabet board so patients can spell out words and messages, laminated for durability. Includes one dry erase marker for circling responses on the laminated boards.
  • Personal Talker Single Message - A one-message Help button that speaks a voice message you can easily change. Compact size allows it to travel with the patient, not just at bedside. Tip: record the message in the patient's voice before hospitalization if possible.

Available in English only.

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