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Portable Adult Communication Book

Portable Adult Communication Book

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This Adult Communication Book helps adults with stroke, dementia, brain injury, or other cognitive disabilities with communication. 

The compact, portable communication book is approx. 6" x 5.5" in size and comes with 30 pre-made communication boards to choose from. Each communication board offers 12 - 1" adult-appropriate picture symbols. Users simply point to the pictures using a finger or stylus to indicate their choice. Topics covered are: yes/no, about me, interrogative questions, alphabet spelling boards, comments, basic needs, visitors, places to go, feelings, activities, exercise, personal care, hot and cold drinks, grocery shopping, fast foods, health & beauty aids, meal choices and more. Extra blank pages are provided to include your own vocabulary.


  • 30 pages with 12 symbols on each page
  • Includes a guide to introducing and using an adult communication book.
  • Some assembly is required. Cut out the desired boards, then insert them into the album sleeves. Instructions provided.

Note: The colors may vary. 

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